In Our workshops you will learn about the following:

Closing on a Home


We will help you in your home buying process, we offer counseling and information on all the steps needed to buy your first home.

Pre Qualifications and Pre Approval


We also will help you get qualified as well as pre approved for a loan.  Buying a 1st home is hard and we want to help you learn about the process and make the right choices.

Down Payment and Closing Cost Assistance


We will let you know what is needed for your down payment and your closing costs.  We also will help you with your down payment as well as how much and the dates needed to complete your home buying process.

Mortgage Loan Qualification


We want you to know what loan is right for you and we also will help you with your mortgage Loan Qualification.

Home Inspection


Part of your home buying process will be the home inspection.  We teach you what inspectors to us and what is needed for the full home inspection.

Financial Counseling and More....


Financial Counseling is key to owning your first home.  Balancing your budget and learning more about your home owning is part of your continuing counseling with Gateway to housing.